Logos, Lately

Freelancing means I’m tasked with lots of logo designs!


Identity for Dolphin Dungeon and Soarin’ Scurry

The past few months have been spent busily preparing my team, Dolphin Dungeon, for our game exhibition at MAGFest in January 2019. Part of this process has been giving our team a distinct identity, through our collective’s logo, game’s logo, and game’s user interface design.


Innovation Right Now Publication

A challenge to create a publication design based on a series of small articles under the moniker INNOVATION RIGHT NOW, ranging from cars of the future to advancements in what we do for leisure and travel.



With this infographic book I tackled one of my favorite genres and favorite couple of bands, chronicling history, statistics, and general information about three influential big-name pop-punk stars. I tackled Billboard 200 Album charting, numbers of charting singles, frequency of words/themes in lyrics, history, and more. Packed with researched content and graphics, this book totals 51 pages.


OMNI - Conference

OMNI is a fictional typography conference which seeks to bring light to the typography and graphic design operating systems employ: in other words, design that powers design.


Draft Guide in Days

I took a dense set of raw data and articles and created a beautiful, enjoyable, and (most importantly) easily digestible guide for newcomers and returning players alike.


Exhibition Poster for Man Ray

After observing the photography techniques and styles of esteemed artist Man Ray, I created a poster for what an exhibition might look like for his work at the San Francisco MoMA.


Reflective Magazine

A look into what a publication might be if it was a communication of inner thoughts.


make.it - Company’s Print, Web, and App Design

make.it is a fictional company focused on connecting artists of all disciplines with game developers and designers. For this project, I created an app design, website design, and print materials for a conference the company might hold further connecting creators.

Motion Graphic for Snapchat


A motion graphic designed to showcase the appeal of Snapchat to those who might not understand it or might have never used it before.

Sound Animation - Palm Reader // Hoodboi


A translation of music into visuals and one of my first translations of sound into motion.