The following are some of my most recent larger-scale projects, wherein I have taken on the responsibilities of main programmer, UI designer, game designer, and/or various other roles. Small-team game development has been largely collaborative and fluid, involving a little bit of work in all parts from each team member. Click any of the images below to view a trailer of each game!

Soarin' Scurry (Version 1 Trailer)

Created with Miki Straus & Michelle Pineda.

A two-player racing game in which players' bodies are the controllers. Two birds fly through a sky littered with small islands and collect bread along their way to the finish. Players use custom controllers (a floor pad and armbands) to control the flight and the forward momentum of the two racing birds.

Recently our game was expanded and given a total refresh, including but not limited to: new art style, new user interface, new controllers, new levels, and more. Click the button below to learn more.

My contributions: game concept, some controller concepts, programming, user interface design

Pictured: A player suited up in our prototype Soarin' Scurry controller, ready to fly! The brains of the controllers are housed in the small backpack players strap on.


AXIS, a two-player cooperative game

Created with Jaeho Lee.

An abstract two-player platformer about exploring separate dimensions and sending objects between them. AXIS is a game project made by two people over a four month span of time, consisting of two large levels where players do their best to both stay alive, and switch objects between their dimensions to progress.

My contributions: game concept, some level design, programming, implementation of art & sound

Prime-Time Crime

Created with Marco Cortes, Stephen Glatfelter, and Christian Herman. Trailer by Marco Cortes.

A four-player competitive action game in which four burglars wreak havoc through a city to find the most cash they can before they climb into their getaway car.

My contributions: game design, some level design, programming, implementation of art & animation, user interface design

Dream-Menders, a small story-driven game

Created with Jamie Park & Gloria Wan. Trailer by Gloria Wan.

A single-player point-and-click narrative adventure about a Sandman and his Apprentice working together to wake a scientist from their nightmares.

My contributions: story direction, narrative writing, some sound design, user interface design